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Training children fight sambo. Dmitry Ilya Lebedev.

Training children fight sambo.
Sambo struggle lessons.
250,00 руб

Here is a new film by Honored Masters of Sports Dmitry and Ilya Lebedev. This film is dedicated to teaching children to Sambo wrestling. In the film you will see Sambo techniques from the footstand throws section. The film demonstrates the following Sambo wrestling technique: a group of techniques from the sweeping section, a throw over the back from the knees, a throw with a heel grip, a throw over the back with a grip of two sleeves. All shown techniques differ from the standard options. These techniques are unusual to perform. It shows the versatility of Sambo wrestling and are completely different from Judo techniques. The Lebedev brothers explain each technique in detail and demonstrate all the nuances. The film is intended for coaches and athletes studying Sambo wrestling.


View: Sambo
Time: 64min. / 1dvd
Posted by: Pavlov D.
Russian Language.
Format: PAL (DVD: 0/ All)
Year: 2021.
Shot: Russia



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