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Russian Sambo. Mikhail Martynov.

M.Martynov's personal technique of competitions.
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Martynov Mikhail Gennadievich.Technology of fight of sambo.

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Honored Master of Sports of Russia. The world champion - 2001. Second place in the 1998 and 2000 World Championships. Champion of Europe in 1999. 3-fold Champion of Russia (1998, 2000, 2001). This film is the continuation of the first film "Mikhail Martynov. My personal equipment. " If in the first film you saw a detailed story and a demonstration of the technique of fighting sambo in the gym, then in this film you will see the technique performed in difficult conditions of the competition. This film illustrates the versatility and versatility of not only M. Martynov, as a magnificent fighter, but also shows the magnificence and diversity of the Sambo fight. These are not just throws, but excellent, high-speed, combinational actions, and many by the way were estimated as "pure victory."

Looking through the films, you certainly pay attention to the combinational style of the struggle of Mikhail Martynov. For beginner sambistov, and for professionals it is a good video tutorial. There are six parts in the film.

  • Chapter 1. picking up from the inside 14 options;
    Chapter 2. throwing through the back from the knees 24 options;
    Chapter 3. lateral coup of 15 options;
    Chapter 4. footstep front, rear 13 options;
    Chapter 5. sweeps, hooks 12 options;
    Chapter 6. mill, roll through the chest and other technique 11 options.

The film contains 89 of the most striking moments of the struggle from the personal archive of Mikhail Martynov.

Type: Sambo
Time: 42 min./1DVD
Author: Pavlov D. Martynov M.
Language: Russian
Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All)
Year: 2012
Location: Russia




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