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Methodics. Technique. Training


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Lessons of wrestling. Sambo of Russia.

Collector's Edition 6 DVD.
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Technology of fight of sambo.

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Kallista Film offers you an interesting collection of 6 DVDs. All these films are united by one theme - the training of wrestling sambo. The training is conducted by Merited Master of Sports D. Rudman and M. Martynov, as well as master of the spot in sambo A. Kytmanov. They are original and not ordinary personalities. If in the films of D.Rudman you will see the classic technique of painful techniques, then you already see A. Kytmanov's struggle lying as close to the competition as possible, which can be successfully applied, both in sports and in combat sambo. If you need to conduct a lesson or understand the struggle of lying, then these films will help you in many ways. For young sambo wrestlers these films are useful in twins. It is difficult to get to such masters for training, and a DVD is always at hand. Secondly, a beginner sambist will be able to present (after viewing) which variety of options exists in the fight of sambo. The technique of receptions in the counter is beautifully demonstrated and discussed in detail by M. Martynov. The variety of his technical actions is simply amazing.

The collection includes:

  100 painful techniques of SAMBO.  
  Mikhail Martynov. My personal technique.  
  Mikhail Martynov. Technique of competitions.  
  Sambo Wrestling. A. Kytmanov. Theory and practice of the ground fighting.  
  David Rudman. "1000 ways of painful hold".  
  David Rudman. Hand uncoupling when carrying a painful arm elbow lever.  
Type: Sambo Duration:  412min./6 DVD Author: Pavlov D. Language: Russian Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All) Year: 2013 Location: Russia




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