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Lessons of Sambo wrestling. A. Kytmanov

Seminar on Sambo wrestling
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Lessons of Sambo wrestling. Alexander Kytmanov. Theory and practice of ground fighting.

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Seminar for trainers, athletes and specialists.

Kytmanov Alexander Valerevich. Master of Sports on sambo and judo. Silver and bronze medalist of the World Sambo Championship, silver and bronze medalist of the European Sambo Championship. Silver medalist of the European Championship in judo. This is a very interesting and inventive athlete. His main hobby is fighting lying. Any reception, any action from him is meaningful and thought out. The entire seminar, all the equipment shown to them is unconventional and for many athletes and coaches will be unexpected. The film consists of two parts and is dedicated only to the struggle of lying, the actions of defense and attack. The most part of the seminar is painful receptions (a knot of the arm outward, a knot of the arm inside the "Edvig", an arm of the elbow, infringement of the gastrocnemius muscle, a knee lever of 3 different ways). He showed a whole series of upheavals, invented by him personally and not by anyone except him not being executed. He proposed several combination actions for the rack-parter scheme. In the film, there are also chapters devoted to methodical exercises and assignments, where he tells and shows special exercises. In total, it affects 16 different themes of ground fighting.

The film will be useful for athletes and coaches, as well as an excellent methodological tool for sports schools and clubs developing the fight of sambo.

Type: Sambo
Duration: 65 min./1DVD
Author: Pavlov D.
Language: Russian
Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All)
Year: 2013
Location: Russia


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