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Methodics. Technique. Training


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Lessons of Sambo wrestling. David Rudman. Film 1

Methods of painful hold. Technique of ground fighting.
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Film 1. Principles of painful holds.

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Part 1 - Principles of painful hold on hand.

  • elbow lever
  • узел руки наружу
  • узел руки внутрь
  • ущемление бицепса
  • рычаг плеча

Part 2 - Principles of painful hold on the leg.

  • knee lever
  • ущемление ахиллова сухожилия
  • ущемление икроножной мышцы
  • узел бедра
  • thigh lever

David Rudman is a well-known and to some extent the legendary figure of the Soviet and Russian Sambo. A former international level athlete and a true coach with a huge sporting and coaching experience. Honored Master of Sports, Honored coach of the USSR. Author of a number of books on the struggle of sambo. Founder of the Sambo 70 wrestling school. President of the International Amateur Sambo Federation (FIAS). He has the title of Academician of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law and Order of the Russian Federation. In 2009, at the FIAS Congress he was elected Honorary President and First Vice-President of the FIAS, awarded the title of Master of Martial Arts of Russia.

December 8, 2012 D.L. Rudman conducted a seminar on the topic "Principles of Pain Management". Not for nothing is the film subtitled "Lessons of the Sambo Fight - Theory and Practice of Pain". Looking through this film, you will get a complete idea of ​​how to make a painful reception, on what principles it is based, how to teach children pain pain and what to explain when it is shown. David Lvovich gave a detailed explanation to each option. The film is a mini textbook on the basics of pain management. This is the beginning that is necessary in training. Based on this film, you can conduct training sessions or write pourochnye plans. Also in the movie are given video examples from the rules of the Sambo fight on the subject of painful reception.

Type: Sambo
Duration: 75 min./1DVD
Autor: Rudman D. Pavlov D.
Language: Russian
Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All)
Year: 2013
Location: Russia


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