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Journal. The World of Judo. №7 November-December 2018.

The monthly about fight of judo.
Judo panorama.
World tour.
Championship of Russia. Tyumen.
Championship of Russia. Nazran.
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Journal. The World of Judo. №7 November-December 2018.



In this issue you will learn about the following topics:

2 Judo-panorama.

Gamba has an anniversary. 70th Congress of the European Judo Union. Shinzo Abe invited Putin to the World Cup. Maxim Rakov ended his sportsman career.

4 World Tour.

European Club Championship. Europa League. The Grand Slam in Osaka. Grand Prix: the Netherlands and Uzbekistan.

8 Championship of Russia. Tumen.

 The championship of Russia among boys and girls born in 2002-2004 was held in Tumen.

12 The Leader.

Mikhail Rakhlin headed the Judo Federation of St. Petersburg.

14 Championship of Russia. Nazran

The Russian judo championship among juniors up to 21 years old was held in the city of Nazran.

18 Judges.

Olga Dmitrieva: "The rules of the competition dictate the method of training."

20th Russian Cup.

The judo Cup of Russia was held in Khanty-Mansiysk.

26 Kata Judo.

Bokken weapons. We continue to talk about weapons that are of direct importance for Kata judo techniques.

30 World Cup Sambo.

The first in the history of the Absolute Sambo World Cup for the prizes of Russia and Belarus took place in Sochi.

32 Person

Roots and traditions. Kamil Abdulazizov.

36 Sambo.

80th anniversary of sambo was celebrated in the city of Sukhum.

38 Regions. Ryazan.

In early December, the All-Russian judo tournament "Ryazan Festival JUDO" took place in Ryazan.

42 Event.

The 37th tournament in memory of Lieutenant-Colonel Dmitry Ilyich Gulevich was held in Moscow.

44 Regions. Crimea.

In Gaspra, there was an open Republican judo tournament among girls "Princess of the Crimea-2018".

46 Regions. Balakovo.

International judo tournament among boys and girls, juniors was held in Balakovo.

48 Regions. Yoshkar-Ola.

Mom and dad on the tatami. Russian champion Larisa Cherepanov told about the opening a unique project in Yoshkar Ola.

50 Sumo.

In Moscow, a meeting was held between Japan and Moscow Sumo teams.

52 Authors.

Christian Sestaro: "I see more talents in Russia than in Brazil."

56 History.

Report from Afghanistan for the newspaper "Soviet Sport". 1988 year.

58 School of Dr. Rygalov.

The guys from our street. Cancer is the painful scourge of the past and present century. Sergey Tsoi: sport after injury.



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