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Posters Judo -KU. Set of 18 pieces.A5.

A set of 18 educational posters. Certification requirements for athletes of Russia. The folder is a textbook for home use, self-study and preparation for the exam.
450,00 руб

Tutorials on judo.  Indexes "PK-01" ... "PK-18"

Judo basic moves. 10 basic judo throws.

Judo moves list.

A set of 18 educational posters “Attestation requirements for the assignment of qualification degrees to KY.  These requirements are accepted for athletes of Russia.  Each poster corresponds to the belt athlete.  All the technical actions shown on the posters have the international name and the Russian translation of the technique of judo fighting: NAGE-WADZA (throws), KATAME-WADZA (lying control technique).

  White belt   6 kyu - 1 poster.
  Yellow belt  5 kyu - 3 poster.
  Orange belt 4 kyu - 3 poster.
  Green Belt  3 kyu -  4 posters.
  Blue belt     2 kyu - 4 posters.
  Brown belt  1 kyu - 2 poster.
  Brown belt 1 kyu - 1 poster.  Additional material: prohibited methods

 Posters have the format:

  А4 - (297х210) mm - indices “RK-01 ... RK-18 ″.

 For the convenience of studying, storing and sending A4 posters are packed in a file folder and sent in this form by mail.  By making an order you specify the indices "RK-01 ... RK-18".

 Posters are sent only in a set.

 You can also order a DVD compilation of 2 films on Judo.  Attestation requirements for the assignment of qualification degrees "KY".


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