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Judo. Technique of struggle for grip. KATSUCHIKO KASHIWAZAKI.

Technology of captures.
Release from captures.
Fight for capture.
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Technique of struggle  for grip.

In 2009, Kashivazaki held a seminar in Russia in the city of St. Petersburg. This is the fourth part of the seminar. In the fourth film, the main theme is the struggle for grip. In Japanese terminology, this is the Kumi Kata section. In this film you will see how to get rid of the capture of an opponent, how to intercept the capture from the enemy, which capture is not worth taking. Kashivazaki will show some tricks for capturing and explain how to choose it. In the course of the seminar, he constantly addressed the topic of how to teach children to take grips, what exercises to give. The film will be useful for coaches working with children, for athletes studying the section gripping in judo.



Direction: judo seminar
Time: 52 min./1DVD
Author: Pavlov D.
Language: Русский. English subtitlings.
Fomat of video: PAL (DVD: 0/All)
Year: 2019
Shooting: Russia



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