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The technique of Japanese Judo. Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki 8 DAN. TOMOE NAGE.Hikikomi-gaeshi.

One of the best masters of the world in the execution of a throw over the head (To-moe-nage).
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The technique and methodology of judo in the performance of Katsuhiko KASHIWAZAKI 8 DAN.

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Chapter 1-to-moe-nage (throw over the head with the foot stop).

In the film, Kashiwazaki showed six variants of throwing through the head. For example: an interesting option in the struggle for capture. In addition to the demonstration, Kashiwazaki showed the technique of studying the throw over the head, as well as several preparatory exercises. A separate section is a combination of actions. Here begins the most interesting. Such jumps can only be done by Kashiwazaki. He combines a throw through the head with a sweep from the inside, picking up from the inside, with painful reception. Quite unusual is the performance with a "garter hand". Fighters Sambo wrestlers like this option. This throw must be seen.

Chapter 2-Hiki-komi-gaeshi (throw over the head with a foot restraint).

From the first viewing, the usual version of the performance, but you need to carefully look at the captures.

Chapter 3-o-uchi-gari (hook from the inside).

This is not a traditional option, but a personal version of Kashiwazaki. He performs it when protecting from seizure by the neck or collar kimono. Very strong in the performance of Kashiwazaki. Effective against the capture of "fortune". Performing a roll he uses all parts of the body, including the head. Format: educational-methodical seminar.


When Kashiwazaki was asked at what age he started to practice judo, Kashiwazaki replied: "I do not know. We have a very small kimono, for about 3-4 years, for children and as soon as the kimono came up for me, I was in the hall. " One of the best masters of the world in the performance of a throw over the head (Tomoe-nage). His variants still amaze even the Japanese themselves. Lightness and virtuosity of performance are worthy of imitation. In 1975/1978/1979/1980, he held 1 place in the Championships of Japan. 1981 became the world champion. He fought in weight up to 65 kg.

Type: Judo
Duration: 60 min./1DVD
Автор: Pavlov D. Kashivazaki K.
Language: Japanese
Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All)
Year: 2009
Location: Japan


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