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Methodics. Technique. Training


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Judo. Ne-waza. Nage-waza. Technics. Methodology. Tactics. Rules. Competition.

Collection of 12 films.
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Judo. Ne-waza, Nage-waza. Technics. Methodology. Rules. Competition

In this collection you will find almost all the themes of judo. Fighting lying, throwing technique (Russian, European, Japanese school). The best moments of competitions, international tournaments, rules of judo, beautiful throws. Methodical materials for training, advice of the best coaches of Russia, Europe, Japan. A large number of combinational actions in the fight are lying and in the rack. In fact, this is a small textbook on judo.

The collection includes:

Training in ground fighting techniques. Painful and suffocating methods of judo.
Ippon Super A. The technique of the best judo wrestling throws. Russia. Moscow 2004.
Technique and tactics of fighting in the standing position from Alexander Yatskevich. The struggle for capture.
Judo. Seminar on ground fighting technique. Vladimir Elchaninov. Italy, 1997
Judo. Seminar on throwing technique in the standing position. Vladimir Elchaninov. Italy, 1997
Judo. Olympic "Ippon". Australia. Sydney 2000 Film 1.
udo. Olympic "Ippon". Australia. Sydney 2000 Film 2.
XI Moscow International Judo Tournament "Super-A".
Sold only in this collection.
Seminar for specialists. Rules of judo.
Sold only in this collection.
Judo in Japan. Film 1. Training. Methodology. Technics.
Technique and methodology of judo performed by Hirotaka Okada 7 DAN
Техника и методика дзюдо в исполнении Koji Komata 7DAN
Type: Judo Duration:  750min./12DVD Author: Pavlov D. Language: Russian Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All) Year: 2010 Location: Russia. Japan.


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