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Judo 2012. The Olympic Games.

In front of you is a compilation of 5 DVD movies. Galstyan A. Isaev M. Nifontov I. Khaybullaev T. Mykhailin A.
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Judo London 2012. Olympiad. Galstyan A. Isaev M. Nifontov I. Khaybullaev T. Mykhailin A.

Judo at the Olympic Games.
Judo competitions at the 2012 Summer Olympics were held from July 28 to August 3. Judo for the 12th time was included in the program of the Summer Olympic Games. It was played 14 sets of awards: in 7 weight categories for men and women. In each category, 2 bronze medals were played out. Each country could nominate no more than 1 athlete in one weight class.
 The Russian national team won its first gold judo awards in history in London (in 1996-2008, the Russians could not win the Olympic gold). Also Slovenia won its first gold in judo. Jüri Alvear, having won bronze in the category of up to 70 kg, brought Colombia the first-ever Olympic judo award.

In front of you a compilation and 5DVD movies. Semi-final and final meetings.

In the team event at the London Olympics in judo, the Russian team took 1st place. Beating such favorites as France (2nd place), South Korea (3rd place) and Japan (4th place). As it was, you will see on these DVDs. At the end of each film you will see the best moments of the Olympic judo.

DVD 1. Arsen Galstyan (Russia). 60 kg 28 min.

Дзюдо Лондон 2012. Олимпиада. ГалстянА. Исаев М. Нифонтов И. Хайбуллаев Т. Михайлин А.

Arsen Galstyan is a student of the Adyghe school of judo, a pupil of the world famous Maikop judo school, whose founder is Koblev, Yakub Kamboletovich, recognized as the best coach of Russia of the 20th century in judo. Galstyan was born in 1989 in the village of Nerkin Karmiryakhpyur in the north-east of Armenia. His father was a football player, he played for the Dilijan club Impulse, in the second half of the 1970s he appeared in Yerevan Ararat. At the age of 7 years in 1996, Arsen moved with his family to Russia - to the village of the Adygea Republic. He studied at the school № 4 stanitsy, began to practice judo in the local sports section. Igor Romanov - Arsen's first coach and now remains his personal trainer. After graduation, he entered the Institute of Physical Culture and Judo Adyghe State University in Maikop. At the institute, his coach was MSMK Hashkhanok Aivar Kazbekovich (silver medalist of the World Championship among the masters).

DVD 2. Mansour Isaev (Russia). 73 kg 32 min.

Дзюдо Лондон 2012. Олимпиада. ГалстянА. Исаев М. Нифонтов И. Хайбуллаев Т. Михайлин А.

Mansour began to practice judo from the age of 8. His first coach was Dzhabrail Magomedov. Since 2006, Isaev stands for the Chelyabinsk region: his new coach was Alexander Miller. Mansur Isaev has a higher economic education, in 2009 he graduated from the Dagestan State University. Member of three world championships - 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2009, in Rotterdam, Mansour won a bronze medal. At the European Championship in 2012, Isaev became the seventh. At the Olympics in London on July 30, 2012 Mansur Isaev won the gold medal, in the final, defeating the Japanese Riki Nakaya.

DVD 3. Ivan Nifontov (Russia). 81 kg 49 min.

Дзюдо Лондон 2012. Олимпиада. ГалстянА. Исаев М. Нифонтов И. Хайбуллаев Т. Михайлин А.

Ivan was born in Kazakhstan, he also started to practice judo. When Ivan was 9 years old, his parents moved to Barnaul, where Nifontov continued his studies of judo and attended 40 gymnasiums. Currently he trains with Igor Votyakov and the bronze medalist of the 1992 Olympics Dmitry Sergeyev. A significant contribution to the success of Ivan and brought the head coach of the Russian national team Olympic champion 1980 Italian Ezio Gamba. In 2009 he won the European Championship in Tbilisi. At the World Championships in 2009 in Rotterdam became the only Russian who won the gold medal. He is in favor of Ryazan and Barnaul. Since 2005 he serves in the internal affairs bodies. In 2010, he was recognized by the Ryazans as the winner of the municipal action "People of the Year - People of the City 2009". Currently he lives, trains and works in Ryazan. At the 2012 Olympics in London he won a bronze medal in judo in the weight category up to 81 kg, defeating the Japanese Takahiro Nakai. Lost for reaching the finals Korean Kim Jae Bohm, who later became the champion in this weight class.

DVD 4. Tagir Haybullaev (Russia). 100 kg 48 min.

Дзюдо Лондон 2012. Олимпиада. ГалстянА. Исаев М. Нифонтов И. Хайбуллаев Т. Михайлин А.

By nationality - Avar. Was born in the city of Kizilyurt. Generic village - Tlondod. Has a higher legal education (graduated from the Samara State Economic University). Judo has been engaged since 11 years. The first coach is Vyacheslav Arkhipov. Now he trains with Nikolai Petrov. At the competitions is represented Samara and St. Petersburg. At the 2011 World Championships in Paris in the final fight, Tagir won ahead of schedule with the ippon of the Kazakhstani judoka, 2009 World Champion Maxim Rakov. At the 2012 Olympics in London, in the fight for gold, he won the Mongolian judoka, the 2008 Olympic champion Naidan Tuvshinbaiar.

DVD 5. Alexander Mikhailin (Russia). + 100 kg 45 min.

Дзюдо Лондон 2012. Олимпиада. ГалстянА. Исаев М. Нифонтов И. Хайбуллаев Т. Михайлин А.

In 2005, Mikhailin was recognized by the European Judo Union as the best sportsman in Europe. In 2006, Mikhailinu International Judo Federation (IJF) was awarded the 6th dan judo. Since 1997 he is a member of the Russian national judo team. Performs in a weight category over 100 kg and an absolute weight category for CSKA Moscow, a sports club "Sambo-70". Coaches: Honored coach of Russia Yaroslav Mikhailovich Kerod. At the moment - Honored coach of Russia Pavel Vladimirovich Funtikov. Alexander Mikhaylin is a graduate of the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University, a student of the Russian State Academy of Physical Culture. For many years he competed in the heavyweight division with Tamerlane Tmenov. At the 2012 Olympic Games in London, he won silver in the category over 100 kilograms, losing to the Frenchman Teddy Rinner in the final fight, having received 3 shido, which automatically turned into an assessment of Waza-ari.

Type: Judo Duration:  202min./5DVD Author: Pavlov D. Language: Russian Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All) Year: 2012 Location: England




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