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Methodics. Technique. Training


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School of childrens judo. Lessons. Seminar. Technique. Methodology.

Here is a collection of 5 films on teaching judo. Judo teaching of children.
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Judo for children.

children's judo. video tricks.

Judo teaching of children.

Here is a collection of 5 films on teaching judo. The author of all these DVDs Pavlov Dmitry Avenirovich. All the films collected in this collection are created in the form of lessons. Each DVD of this collection reveals a separate topic of judo.

Film 1 - «Training with a rubber expander. Exercises of judo» tells about 60 different tasks and exercises for training a judoka with a rubber expander. All the lessons shown in this film are gradually revealed, methods and ways of working with rubber.

Film 2 – «Lessons of Judo. Technique and technique of Throwing tai-otoshi». The film is created in the form of step-by-step lessons. Begins training with simple single tasks, and ends with a holistic execution of the throw forward footboard. All training passes through 7 stages. The film is illustrated with examples from the competitions.

Film 3 – «Lessons of children's judo. Standing position. Capture. Movement». This film tells about the ways and methods of teaching children from 4 years.

Film 4 – «Lessons of children's judo. Technique for intercepting capture. The film is fully dedicated to teaching children and adolescents seizure.

Film 5 – «Seminar. Methods of teaching children captures.». The main theme of the seminar is how to teach children the technique of judo drawing on grips. The film explains how to take a capture, how to teach children how to move in a capture, the right rack, the distance, the simple removal from balance. How, from the learning capture to smoothly move to the execution of the reception. You will become familiar with the mistakes that arise in the learning process. Practical exercises and assignments are given. The author explains in detail which capture is more convenient for children from 4 years. This collection of films is intended for athletes, coaches, parents. It can be taken as a basis for training for groups of any training.

The collection includes:

  Lessons of children's judo. Standing position. Capture. Movement  
  Lessons of judo. Training with a rubber expander. Exercises in the summer  

Children's judo. Methods of teaching children captures. Seminar for trainers and specialists.

  Lessons of judo. Technique and technique of throwing TAI-OTOSHI  

Lessons of children's judo. Technique of interception of capture. Methodology of teaching.

Type: Judo Duration: 249 min./5DVD Автор:  Pavlov D. Language: Russian Standard: PAL (DVD: 0/All) Year: 2017 Location: Russia


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