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Store of DVD movies, posters and books.

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Kallista film offers a variety of products for self-study. You visited a store of textbooks, DVD films, visual aids on sambo and judo. All products are divided into categories.

  • Judo on DVD. Here you will get acquainted with video films about techniques and methods of judo.
  • Sambo on DVD. This category includes video films about the technique and methods of sambo combat.
  • Judo books. This section consists of books and DVDs about judo techniques and techniques published in Japan. The authors of these books and films, the best trainers and teachers in
  • Japan. Demonstrate technique champions of Japan, world champions, Olympic champions in judo.
  • Sambo posters. If you need visual aids to combat sambo or you need to decorate the gym, then this section is for you.
  • Judo posters. Get acquainted with this section more closely. Here you will find answers to the following questions. How many belts are in judo and what techniques do you need to know when taking the belt exam. Posters are sold in several formats. To decorate the gym and a portable option.
  • Products at a discount. Take a look at this section. Here you will see a combination of various goods, collections, which can be bought with a discount of up to 50%.
  • Economy option. This section is necessary for those buyers who are interested in only one movie. Pay attention to this section is divided into Economy version of judo and Economy version of Sambo.
  • Free products. Products in this section will be available for free.

With respect to all buyers and guests of our store. CEO of Kallista Film Pavlov Dmitry Avenirovich.